James Finn, I don’t know if I have the words to say how this story makes me feel, but I’m going to try.

It started off making me feel warm and cozy, like a soft blanket on a cold morning. Then came the concern and worry, followed by fear. The ending left me full of sorrow.

Fred’s greatest creation, his relationship with Timothy, was left by him to wither away—along with his health—in pursuit of a cold, hard, and unfeeling representation of the love that he shared with Timothy.

Along with Timothy, Fred had created the most beautiful thing imaginable: a passionate and loving relationship between two gay men—and he threw it all away for art.

Reader • Writer • Poet • Movie Fan • Tech Geek • INFJ • Kinsey 6 • 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Rights & PrEP Warrior • Aesthete • Unrepentant Sensualist • crebeiro@gmail.com

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