James Finn, Running Towards Hope, and Caleb's Stories, were the first stories of your’s that I ever read and it’s what drew me to you and your amazing gifts as a writer. Caleb’s Stories was the first story actually, and in the first installment, I was almost cheering out loud for Caleb and Travis. I was hooked.

Running Towards Hope was equally powerful for me and perfectly illustrated the horrendous things these abandoned LGBTQ kids have to endure. What the parents of these kids do to their children is unspeakable. Human beings don’t treat each other that way, but then I don’t consider “parents” who throw their children out into the cold to be human. What they're doing is beyond child abuse and they should be thrown in the deepest, darkest, pit that can be found and left to rot.

Reader • Writer • Poet • Movie Fan • Tech Geek • INFJ • Kinsey 6 • 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Rights & PrEP Warrior • Aesthete • Unrepentant Sensualist • crebeiro@gmail.com

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